LETTER: Councillors should be ‘disbarred’ from debating or voting on Barton Road homes application

The proposal to build 11 houses on the Barton Road car park in Ely has clearly angered a large number of people and almost 200 have written to the council to object.

This is a sensitive area and no sensible alternative has been offered for parking the many coaches which now use the car park.

The application clearly cannot be delegated to the planning officers to decide and it will be referred to the planning committee, probably in March.

However, if members of the planning Ccommittee have a financial or prejudicial interest, by law they are forbidden to take part in the debate or to vote.

As the council owns the land and has submitted the application, all councillors should accordingly be disbarred. End of story?

This is clearly embarrassing, as finance is needed for the leisure centre and other expensive projects; the situation may well arise again, if the council wishes to sell other sites it owns, such as public open space or recreational areas.


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