LETTER: Cost should not come into it when providing essential services like public toilets

Open letter to East Cambridgeshire District Council - I would like to say to you all, if any of you suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome then you will know you need to be sure that a toilet is close by.

If you have never suffered with IBS then you are very lucky.

Out there in the community are hundreds of people who suffer with this condition but do not like everyone to know.

If we need to use a toilet it is now, we are not able to walk any distance to find one only to find it closed or the pub not open so we could use their facilities. But they do not always like you to use their facilities if you are not drinking or eating in their premises.

I have had to use the toilet in the Causeway in Burwell as (I deliver lunches for the day centre). In an emergency. Please inform us of another facility to use if this one closes.

The elderly, children and some adults need to use toilet facilities that are close to shops for other health reasons.

IBS sufferers are often ashamed of their condition and it is not easy for them to ask to use other toilet facilities contained in pubs and restaurants.

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Why should cost come into these services?

I personally suffer from IBS and have done for many years. People who also suffer with a bladder problem need the use of toilet facilities close to shops on a regular basis.

I do not always have a choice of walking some distance to a toilet.

My IBS is quite has quite an effect on my life, so please consider this when you decide to close toilets.