LETTER: Can you help trace members of Ely man Robert E Harvey’s family?

On behalf of the Technische Universität Berlin I am carrying out research into the lives of students – including their families – during the Nazi-Government in Germany over the period of 1933 to 1945.

Mr Robert Edgar Harvey is one of the people I would have liked to contact, but as I found out, he died on August 8 2008 in Ely aged 84 years old. Ely was his place of residence when he died.

According to the Electoral Register Mr Harvey from 2002 – 2006 lived at 1 Wheats Close, along with Mrs Patricia E. Harvey. I believe Mrs Harvey was the spouse of Mr Robert E. Harvey. I cannot contact her by phone. And the truth is: I even do not know, if she is still alive.

I want to invite Mrs Harvey or any member of Mr Robert E. Harvey’s family to assist the laying of commemorative brass plaques (“Stolpersteine”/stumble stones) for his family in front of the house where they lived till 1943.

Four members of Mr Harvey’s familiy were deported to extermination camps, three of them were murdered. Mr Harvey was sent to England in 1939.

The ceremony for the laying of the so-called stumble stones will take place in Berlin in February 2016.

So I hope the readers of the Ely Standard can help trace members of the family of Mr Robert E Harvey.

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I would be grateful if anyone with information could get in touch.