LETTER: Brexit campaigns ‘brought out the worst and should put us to shame’

Now that the referendum has taken place, I believe it may be said it has been one of the most disgraceful campaigns ever.

It brought out the worst excesses in some, bigotry being top of my list, and it should put us to shame.

This behaviour is nothing to take pride in, and hardly puts the Great back into Britain.

Sizeable migrations of people, whether between countries or from large towns or cities of the UK to places such as the Fens, rarely come without their own particular problems.

However, immigration is not responsible for the Government being forced to pay £4.6 billion in interest on the public sector’s debt which currently stands at £1.6 trillion and rising.

These figures were provided by the Government only last week.

It is also not responsible for the necessity of food and clothing banks that are springing up everywhere, nor all the problems that A&E are experiencing, to mention but a few.

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What it is responsible for is the shoring up of places such as Addenbrooke’s Hospital, from surgeons to cleaners and all occupations in between.

Even with their invaluable input, our beleaguered nursing staff are near to breaking point.

I suspect other parts of the British Isles are similarly affected.

This usually caring and compassionate country has it’s problems, which should not be underestimated, but the negative words and actions by some have done nothing to improve the state of this nation.

J Chaplin