LETTER: Barton Road plans are confused and confusing

The planning application by East Cambs District Council (ECDC) for the partial redevelopment of Barton Road car park is confused and confusing.

Firstly it was made a few days before Christmas. One can only assume that the timing was such hoping people would not have noticed it during the festive season because it was so controversial.

Secondly the proposed redevelopment means that the coach park would have to be relocated. I have heard that Market Street was a possibility where coaches could stop for a limited time so people may disembark or embark. Another suggestion was a small lay-by along the Cambridge Road.

It has to be remembered that coach drivers need proper facilities. Both these ideas have I believe been withdraw as unworkable.

An alternative site is yet to be found. Ely is a tourist destination for thousands of people across the country and tourism brings a considerable amount of money into the city.

One would have thought that tourists and tour operators deserve better treatment.

Thirdly the planning department published an application a few days ago asking for permission to extend Barton Road car park.

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Land on the other side of ‘Centre E’ which is presently being used as a council store to be turned into a car park. Before the ink was dry on the application it was withdrawn.

I would have hoped that ECDC would have had the courtesy to the people of Ely and all those who use the Barton road car park to properly formulate their plans and proposals before the application was submitted. Selling one of the town’s prime assets will create more problems in the short and long term.


Via email