LETTER: Awaiting to hear MP’s response to the delay on Ely North junction

Whilst George Osborne was delivering a largely popular Autumn Statement the Government took the opportunity to deliver some bad news for Ely by the back door probably knowing it wouldn’t grab too many headlines.

An upgrade to Ely North junction has been postponed by up to seven years by Network Rail when it was supposed to start in 2017 to ease a bottleneck.

The junction connects Norwich and King’s Lynn to Cambridge on to London, and Ipswich to the Midlands and Network Rail now say the work will not start until between 2019 and 2024.

I would be interested to know what Lucy Frazer MP has to say about this since, in response to my letters to her on other matters I get either a standard reply or none at all. Her defence of this body blow to Ely is awaited.


Windmill Close