LETTER: Authorities ‘play pass the parcel’ with dumped vehicle

Is there anybody out there who can explain how anybody can dump a car anywhere they please?

On February 12 at 9.40pm two males dumped a car on our estate sewerage hard standing.

The police were informed just in case it was stolen or involved in a crime but we were informed that it wasn’t either.

Another neighbour also got in touch with the police and was told it’s a SORN vehicle, which means it’s been taken of the road, he was told as I was it is not a police problem but a council one.

We have had a visit from the council street officer who told us it’s a SORN vehicle - yes we know was the reply.

Although it was driven on public roads without tax or insurance - one would assume.

As it’s been taken off the road it’s not a police matter. I wonder how far I would get driving without tax and insurance?

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I thought fly tipping was an offence but is it a crime? Is it anti-social behaviour?

It’s certainly a blight on the neighbourhood. Is it because it’s on private property that it can’t be moved? Is it their responsibility?

A phone call to them and I was told we will get the council to remove it, can you see a pattern emerging? Hypothetical question if I throw a sweet wrapper on the pavement I could be fined. If I throw it in a shop doorway could I say so what it’s not the pavement? I’m still a litter lout but it’s private property? I am more than a little confused.


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