LETTER: My response to Ely ‘having a lack of facilities’

The Hive leisure centre in Ely was destined to be a model for other community centres across the reg

The Hive leisure centre in Ely was destined to be a model for other community centres across the region. Picture: CRAIG AUCKLAND. - Credit: Archant

Whilst I empathise with residents of Ely regarding the lack of facilities for families in your city (POSTBAG, Thursday, February 21), I would like to bring your attention to the litter problem, lack of facilities etc in Littleport.

Just today, I was walking with my children and nephews into town, when I saw a huge mattress chucked into a bush and an endless amount of litter strewn all along the walk ways.

A real eye sore! A woman and her two sons had taken it upon themselves to pick up litter and they were collecting it in bin liners.

One of the boys was pulling a little wagon behind him in order to carry the litter away. I, myself, picked up eight pieces of litter and put them in the rubbish bin at the park near St George’s Medical Centre.

I ask you, of what calibre of people are those who choose to litter?!

Disappointingly, a small park near to where my sister and her family live in Littleport has had its bramble hedgerow destroyed, only to be completely replaced by a wooden fence.

This will rob birds and wildlife (and people too) of blackberries to eat, shelter and shade, habitat and natural beauty.

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Considering the increase in human population and housing development in Littleport, I would think the more compassionate, intelligent choice for the council would be not to have done this. And don’t use cost effectiveness as the reason!

At least residents in Ely have a public swimming pool! It seems Littleport residents are being deprived in more ways than one.

I would like to suggest that the East Cambs District Council come up with some new ideas about how to protect wildlife and improve standards in Littleport - perhaps through fining those who litter on the spot!

Could the council not introduce a suitable amount of community wardens to do just that job and to pick up litter themselves? Nothing is impossible if one has will and vision - not even a lack of funds.

We have all been educated about the negative effects of littering and habitat destruction. Therefore, this should no longer be tolerated!

Victoria Dale, former Littleport resident