Let’s not repeat mistakes and lose Croylands - it’s part of the story of Ely

LET’S not repeat the mistakes of the past and do to Croylands what was done to the Corn Exchange on Ely market square in the early 1970s.

Buildings of significance are not always easy to spot when they are still ‘young’, but Croylands is definitely a building of significance and is part of the story of Ely, which we should fight tooth and nail to preserve in its entirety.

The building is under significant threat from partial demolition and overdevelopment by McCarthy and Stone and unless we are very careful it will be lost forever.

As well as removal of the back of the building, the rear of the roof is to be replaced with a flat roof, probably of corrugated zinc-coated steel. Similar vertical cladding will be fixed to the existing house to join it onto a massive extension.

Effectively, what will be left (assuming what’s left is found to be capable of still standing) is a facade, with the integrity of the building and its setting gone forever.

Imagine if we still had the Corn Exchange in Ely – we wouldn’t dream of demolishing it now.

Please, let us allow Croylands to remain dignified, let us recognise that it is part of the story of Ely and let us preserve and cherish it for future generations.

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