Let’s have an Ely and Newmarket constituency

I WAS the independent candidate for SE Cambs in the 2010 General Election. I have, therefore, a keen and ongoing interest in the size and shape of the Parliamentary Constituency.

The map that you published (October 25) illustrates perfectly the silliness of the latest proposals for change produced by the Boundary Commission.

Though I understand that SE Cambs is over-large, I would regret very much ‘losing’ the City of Ely and the nearby villages. The Commission’s earlier plan for an Ely and Newmarket Constituency made so much sense with the whole of Newmarket also being part of the re-drawn constituency.

It appears that the Commission has retreated from this sensible plan and, though the latest proposals may please Matthew Hancock, the member for West Suffolk, I see them as extremely disappointing.

It is a fact that Newmarket (presently partly in Suffolk) is surrounded by Cambridgeshire and some areas of the town itself are in two constituencies and under six councils.

The parts of Cambridgeshire that surround Newmarket are in East Cambridgeshire District Council and, of course, there was an old ‘Newmarket Division’ of Cambridgeshire.

There is much to be learned from history and much to be gained from tradition.

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I hope very much that the Boundary Commission can be persuaded to pay due attention to history, tradition and the electors’ best interests.


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