Labelling Prince Charles a “crank” for caring about the habitat is “misinformed”, reader says

Prince Charles has been at the cutting edge of regenerative agriculture and advanced holistic health for decades.

The Princes Trust and his many projects around the world support and improve the lives of thousands of people.

What some fail to understand that when he turns his attention to saving the albatross as an example it involves much more than the bird.

It involves habitat regeneration and all that runs with it including improving a whole range of mechanisms that are beneficial to the planet. Nothing is done in isolation.

He works with and has gained knowledge from experts in agriculture, ecology, health and many other important areas concerned with the regeneration and sustainability.

Yet he has been labelled a ‘crank’! Absurd. This is a democracy. Prince Charles has as much right to air his views as anyone else.

The shame is not in the doing of it but in the misinformed reportage that lacks investigation castigating him for it. We would be well advised to take heed of much of what he is saying and a little less notice of the ‘corporations’ who are slowly but surely poisoning and wrecking our planet.

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KATE TRAVERS High Street, Sutton

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