Kudos to Ely mayor for dealing with our concerns over noise from planned weekly concerts

Acts from the June 22 Summer Saturday event in Ely

Acts from the June 22 Summer Saturday event in Ely - Credit: Archant

AS one of the residents who ‘complained’ about the noise from the mayor’s concerts in Ely market place, I want to get some context in because without it I look pretty uncharitable.

The first Saturday we were out there with everyone else, thinking how great it was. The same the next week.

By the third Saturday in a row it was getting a bit much - and then we found out the gigs were scheduled for every Saturday until the beginning of September. That’s when we contacted the mayor.

It is not because we want the market place just as we want it, not because we don’t like other people having fun near our home, not because we are NIMBYs.

We thought it was a bit much to have loud, live music right outside our home every Saturday until 10pm or later for the whole summer.

I suggested every other week, seems a fair balance.

For the record, the mayor listened, replied to my e-mail and showed much thought - and acted.

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Kudos to her (and thanks).


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