Kings Avenue, Ely, is Ely’s relief road to take heavy traffic away from city centre - the problem is inconsiderate parking

I felt I had to reply to Dave Foyle’s letter about 40-tonne lorries using Kings Avenue, Ely (May 29).

If Mr Foyle had done his research properly he would have found out that at its inception Kings Avenue was designated as Ely’s northern relief road and was designed to take traffic away from Ely city centre, which means heavy lorries as well as cars can get to the A10 at Downham Road from Thistle Corner by way of Kings Avenue, Lynn Road and Cam Drive.

That is why most of the houses have been built well away from the road with large green areas between them and the road.

I have lived on the Cathedral View estate since 2005 and was always aware of this fact.

This is probably why he has not received much of a response from East Cambridgeshire District Council or Cambridgeshire County Council.

If Mr Foyle would like to do something useful about Kings Avenue perhaps he would like to turn his attention to the inconsiderate and dangerous parking on this road as this is a crash waiting to happen. This puts more lives at risk than the few lorries that use the road.

I regularly use the road down to Thistle Corner and you take your life into your own hands as the view is obstructed by parked cars on the brow of the hill round the blind corner and down towards the roundabout.

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