Keep East Cambs’ toilets free by giving a token to those who ‘spend a penny’ in the shops

So “a crack team (carry on at your convenience) of officers and councillors will review whether the district’s portfolio of nine public toilets, which cost more than £200,000 to run, are fit for purpose.

One of the main targets seems to be the toilet at the Cloisters, in Ely. Well surely this service comes out of the rates paid by shop keepers in the centre and it would be up to them if the service needs flushing out.

I would say that Ely compared to most areas has probably more public toilets per head than many others so maybe a reduction could be in the ‘pipeline’.

But whichever is chosen there will always be people who wouldn’t want to loo-se them.

As for charging, maybe facilities should be FREE to those who ‘spend a penny’ in local shops by way of a token.


Stour Green

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