Kate’s letter raising concerns about food production included information from debunked paper

Most of Kate Travers’ latest letter fretting about food production (Postbag, March 12) comes from a debunked 2012 paper by Séralini.

In regard to genetically-modified corn causing tumours, it turns out the breed of rat used were predisposed to developing tumours and the statistical analysis in the paper was flawed.

As far as allergies being caused by genetically modified organisms, I can only assume she meant IRT’s write-up linking it to celiac disease.

This finding has been disputed by none other than the Celiac Disease Foundation, which dismissed IRT’s paper as having no actual data in it.

While Kate is free to express her concerns, such as her previous letters questioning the value of animal husbandry and plowing fields (hardly new technology), it would appear that much like Smith’s writing, Kate’s has no proper data either.


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