It took five hours for cyclist injured in Ely collision to get to Addenbrooke’s - he should have gone straight away

IN response to Phoebe Bonnet’s letter in an earlier edition ‘motorists drive too close to cyclists, no-one cares’.

A man was knocked off his bicycle in Market Street, Ely, on October 19 at about 11am. The motorist’s wing mirror caught his side, causing him to lose his balance and fall off into the road.

People who saw the incident soon took action, called a paramedic, came out of shops and offered help.

A paramedic arrived to give treatment in the back of a car and transported him home.

His wife arrived home within two hours and thought it would be advisable to have another assessment so they proceeded to the Princess of Wales Hospital. There, the nurse practitioner gave an assessment, which she faxed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

It was next discussed how to get him there as the nurse said we may have to wait up to two hours for an ambulance. Realising action was needed, I took him and arrived at Addenbrooke’s at about 4pm.

On arrival he had a CAT scan. Staff arranged for a further visit two weeks later.

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His injuries including a badly grazed nose and bruised ribs, which has resulted in him not wanting to ride his bicycle any more.

The whole procedure, from accident to arriving home from hospital, took 10 hours. He should have been sent to hospital straight away.