It’s no surprise where these letters of support have suddenly sprung from !

The new boathouse at Fore Mill Wash could look

The new boathouse at Fore Mill Wash could look - Credit: Archant

I HAVE been following with interest the progress of Cambridge University Rowing Club’s application to build a boathouse on the river bank almost opposite the entrance to Roswell Pits.

Understandably LCPRE, the group which successfully campaigned to stop development in Roswell Pits, has been lobbying against the proposal.

Walkers and anglers aren’t best pleased either, though rowers who have been promised the possibility of building a boathouse alongside are understandably in favour.

The arguments for and against are well rehearsed in the letters the planners officers have received about the application (you can view them online).

Until the last few days for public comment, the great majority were against permission being granted. However, in the final days a flood of letters of support have come in. If you look at them, almost all come from people who aren’t resident in Ely or its surrounds.

Most of them are short and general and most appear to be from keen rowers. Clearly the boat club has been drumming up support, as is its right.

What really worries me is whether these distant supporters’ opinions will carry weight with the powers that be. Surely people who live in the City and its environs are the ones whose opinions count?

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