It’s nauseating that Lucy Frazer is pilloried over something that was not her fault

Thank you for publishing a full report on the parliamentary candidates’ meeting, held in Swaffham Bulbeck, on February 7.

It certainly made interesting reading.

As one of the former members of the SE Cambs Conservative Association who resigned over the handling of Lucy Frazer’s selection, perhaps you will allow me to submit my views regarding both past and present situations.

I find it nauseating to find Ms Frazer pilloried over something that was not her fault and of which she had no control.

If indeed anything was to blame, it was the selection process and it needs to be recognised as such. Also, from what I can gather, such a situation is not likely to occur again.

In any case, the loser in that election process, Heidi Allen, is now the Conservative parliamentary candidate for the South Cambs constituency and was elected to that post last October, hence it did her little harm.

I have met Lucy on a few occasions and having had detailed discussion with her regarding policy and the things that matter, find her an excellent choice.

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