It’s about time East Cambs District Council addresses problem of cigarette ends littering Ely city centre

I write to express my disgust at the state of the footpaths in Ely city centre.

The number of cigarette ends littering Forehill, High Street, Market Street etc is appalling.

I realise that this problem has been exacerbated by the smoking ban, and I know that it is the fault of anti-social smokers not using the bins or boxes provided for the purpose, but the problem exists and must be tackled!

It is obvious that for one reason or another, the footpaths are not being swept!

I personally try, when possible, to sweep the section of Forehill where I live, but as I sweep I think to myself that we pay council tax supposedly to pay for the provision of services such as this.

I have made enquiries from time to time with various members of the Veolia team and have been told that the vehicle capable of carrying out the task is broken.

Well it appears to have been ‘broken’ for a year or so now.

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I am perfectly aware that austerity cuts have made it difficult for East Cambridgeshire District Council to give the service it would like and we expect, but I think it’s about time it gave this matter its attention.

We have a beautiful city, of which we’re proud, but what must visitors think when they come? The streets are one big ashtray!

Come on councillors, address this problem — and while you’re at it tackle the chewing gum!




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