It is not unnatural to wish to hold on to iconic view of Ely Cathedral

I was interested to read Geoff Spinks’ response to my letter about Ely Bypass.

I think even the most critical of my point of view would grant me an entitlement to express it, by virtue of the fact that having been born and lived in Ely for more than 25 years and travelled the road to Soham Grammar School for five of them.

It is not unnatural to wish to hold on to that iconic view.

In spite of Mr Spinks’ inference that I am the only one, I would refer him to recent and previous correspondence in the Daily Telegraph as the issue is far from being parochial.

However, I am of course not oblivious to the inconvenience caused to folk being delayed by the present situation, but would encourage greater exploration of a better alternative possibly casting the net further geographically.

Certainly a meeting should be called to get a better idea of what the majority would like to see happen with every alternative properly explored.


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