It appears county council is waiting for crashes to happen at Cambridgeshire Business Park junction in Ely

In response to Susan Turner’s e-mail (March 6) I would like to write in support of her request for improvements to be made at the junction of the Cambridgeshire Business Park, in Angel Drove, Ely.

The company I work for has for many years campaigned for improvements to be made to this junction, which is extremely busy especially at ‘rush hour’, for the safety of its staff and others.

Unfortunately Cambridgeshire County Council has, in our most recent request, refused stating that “the recorded accident frequency maps identify this location to be of low concern”.

It would appear that the council is waiting for accidents to happen before they will do anything.

Surely it would be better to be proactive rather than being reactive, especially when precious lives are being put at risk on a daily basis.


Via e-mil