If East Cambs District Council doesn’t own Ely market place, why has it been charging traders?

Ely's Market Place

Ely's Market Place - Credit: Archant

I read with great interest the article in this week’s edition regarding Ely’s market place.

Sally Bonnet, East Cambridgeshire District Council’s infrastructure and projects officer, admitted to a council committee that it was aware of the fact that the land upon which it is situated is unregistered and that it does not own it.

In that case, why has it been charging market traders for having stalls in this place?

We are all well aware that the council has a curious way of operating, but this really takes the biscuit and calls into question the calibre of the people responsible for running the show.

In light of the admission, obviously, it will no longer be able to charge for pitches and I suspect is liable for refunds to traders for all fees that have ever been paid.

I hope it has a sufficiently large contingency fund.


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