I would also like to thank ambulance service for the treatment I received

HAVING read about your Littleport reader Jeff Nicholas giving thanks to the ambulance service (September 13), I would like to back up his experience of this part of the emergency services.

A few days after Jeff collapsed I also was in desperate need of an ambulance at 4am. My wife put the call in and after giving a few brief details of the situation she had hardly put the phone down before the ambulance was outside my front door.

After some brief treatment we were on our way down the A10 to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where a couple of days later I shared the same ward as Jeff.

Few of us know when we are ever going to need the emergency services and there are at least two very grateful families extremely thankful for their skills and dedication.

I am also very pleased to read that Jeff is recovering well at home.


Hervey Close

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