I welcome the Ely bypass decision - it needs the infrastructure to fulfil potential

WHAT a good, encouraging decision by Cambridgeshire Conservatives to back Route B for a new Ely Southern bypass.

The case for a southern bypass is clear. Both the East Cambs District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council have done a good job articulating the arguments and showing the boldness to pursue what is clearly the most transformative option for the area.

While I oppose much that goes on in the European Parliament, my seat on the transport committee there provides a useful perspective across a wide scene. It is clear that you cannot build a 21st-century economy on creaking infrastructure.

After a Labour decade of neglect and lost opportunity, the UK has much to do. Locally, despite many advantages that Cambridgeshire, and more specifically the Ely area, may possess, they will fall short of fulfilling true potential without the right infrastructure.

The current situation where the barriers at Ely crossing are down for an average of 35 minutes in the hour is unacceptable.

I look forward to being in the beautiful City of Ely again next month.

Geoffrey Van Orden MEP

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