I want East Cambs District Council to deliver best possible service - but the current structure is not

As you have reported previously, this is a time of change for councils across the country - and East Cambridgeshire is no exception.

Possible job losses will always hit the headlines but what we are planning to achieve at East Cambs is not only a fundamental change of structure but a cultural change too.

As an elected member, my responsibility is not to the paid members of staff at The Grange but first and foremost to the taxpayers of the district.

I want the council to be as cost-effective as possible of course but I also want to deliver the best possible service and I am of the opinion that we must make the council more customer focused, make sure that our first thoughts are how can we help.

I am not sure that the current structure is delivering this.

I am happy to accept criticism from unions or opposition members and the proposals will be debated in full at council.

I must stress, however, that inaction and dithering will not achieve the savings this council has to make.

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Early action and tough decision making has allowed us to freeze our council tax this year and my aim is to make sure that we deliver our promises whilst keeping tax as low as possible for the hard-working people of East Cambridgeshire.

There is no doubt that we will have to continue to make difficult decisions in the future but we have a responsibility to make sure that our residents have the best facilities possible.

We have been clear in our objectives - Ely bypass, cinema, leisure centre, Soham railway station - all these and more can be achieved if we make the right decisions now and I am confident that we will.



East Cambs District Council