I need answers to some questions for sequel to my book

Thank you so much for publishing all my reviews of events across East Cambridgeshire before Christmas.

I cheekily include a photo of me that you might like to use in the future.

I am now writing a sequel to my book John, Dementia and Me which is a whodunit. I’d be very grateful for any help with the research.

Questions I have yet to have answered:

• Would a toxicology test show that a victim had died of a red back spider bite (or other venomous creature from Australia) if the scientists knew the victim had been poisoned but did not know the source of the poison?

• Would it be possible for a victim with a heart problem to die within an hour after being bitten by a red-back?

• After the initial pain felt from a bit on the foot, would the victim be able to limp for a while? What would the victim experience next before dying?

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I would be very grateful if any readers could get in touch if they know the answers.



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