I’m not having a go at older male drivers, it’s good manners to use indicators when required

IN reply to Eddie Holden’s letter in your May 24 edition.

The man in question who I was writing about the week before did not cause me an accident but I feel it is good manners to inform other road users of your intentions and that means using indicators when required.

It never entered my head that the gentleman in question was old and shouldn’t be driving. Even if the gentleman was 25 years old I would still be having the same discussion.

I am in total with you at the female drivers who drive their children to school through the village at high speeds as I have encountered this when I travel to work along Black Bank Road.

I know that I am not the world’s best driver but I pride myself in driving with care and manners.

So Mr Holden please do not take offence and think that I am having a go at older male drivers over a certain age as that is not the case at all.


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