I’m concerned that I, as Littleport parish councillor, didn’t know of impasse over school/leisure scheme

I have read the press statement a number of times about the Littleport secondary school and leisure scheme.

It only relates to an impasse between the Littleport Community Leisure Trust and Littleport Parish Council and nowhere is the role of Cambridgeshire County Council mentioned.

I am seriously concerned, as a parish councillor, that I am unaware of any impasse with the leisure trust, but do recollect that the parish Council expressed concern that the trust had been attending joint meetings with the county council and others where decisions on the use of parish council owned land were made without any reference to the parish council.

Perhaps someone needs to explain to the author of this letter that you can only reach an impasse if you have reached a deadlock on discussions.

As there had never been any official discussions between the parish council and the trust, the context of the press release is inaccurate and misleading.

As a serving councillor, I am concerned that the schools and leisure centre project is now given the green light to proceed. I am also seriously concerned that it should not be used for political gain.

As I do not intend to stand in the forthcoming elections I would hope that the newly elected council does its best for the residents of Littleport, opening up stronger lines of communication with other local bodies to the benefit of the whole community.

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All three organisations need to be far more transparent with their communities listening to what they need and being more accountable for any decisions taken.

Let’s be positive in looking forward and spend far less time on what could or might have happened!


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