I hope flooding of Ely underpass will make objectors realise that bypass is essential

Ely Railway Crossing Bridge

Ely Railway Crossing Bridge - Credit: Archant

I hope now that, once and for all, the people who are opposing the Ely bypass will understand that this is the right way to go.

The recent flooding of the underpass proves that this is lost cause to make it deeper for lorries and high transport lorries. Flooding would only bring everything to a standstill.

Can we now get on with building this flyover to Stuntney and see Ely Cathedral as it’s never been seen before by everyone who will use that road and the pedestrian footpath, which will be used as a platform to take photographs.

The longer it goes on before work starts, the more money it will cost.

Do it now before the new houses are built. People will need quick access in and out of Ely.

So, everyone, shoulders to the wheels and get this bypass rolling and make Ely more prosperous for the future.


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