I Experienced A Feeling Of Deja-vu When I Read Your Story About Cllr Hunt

I HAVE just read the item in the Ely Standard entitled Politics not behind Hunt s removal and could not help but be aware of a distinct feeling of deja-vu. It reminded me of a similar situation when I was the only Conservative councillor to vote against

I HAVE just read the item in the Ely Standard entitled 'Politics not behind Hunt's' removal and could not help but be aware of a distinct feeling of deja-vu. It reminded me of a similar situation when I was the only Conservative councillor to vote against the party regarding the proposal for a new council office with an estimated expenditure of some �14 million. Thank goodness this ill-conceived proposal failed. If the vote had been different, the council, bearing in mind the recession and the present state of the economy could well be in more serious financial trouble.

I am thankful that I was not removed from any committee for voting against the party line, if that is what has happened with Cllr Hunt, but aware that, at the time, the Conservative party was in the minority and therefore every vote was essential for the future.

I am also very aware that Cllr Hunt can, at times, be somewhat brash in his approach, outspoken and at times abrasive but to balance this he has always worked hard to defend what he considers as right. He is a councillor who is honest and one who possesses a great deal of integrity. The action he took and the concerns he expressed were, in fact, very courageous and appear to be based on common sense and are refreshingly logical.

It could well be that Cllr Hunt has simply been a naughty boy in daring to vote against the party line and the action was taken to teach him a short sharp lesson about political unity.

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To Cllr Hunt I simply say keep up the good work and don't bow to political pressure. To the electorate of East Cambs I feel they should take note of what has happened and be aware how important decisions are reached by political parties. This is typical of many situations I can clearly recall where a small minority of councillors held a disproportionate amount of power. When this is associated with a great ability in not being able to think outside the political box the people who ultimately suffer are the very ones the system is supposed to support.


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(former ECDC councillor from 2003-2007)

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