I am passionate about East Cambs Council becoming more efficient and effective while reducing tax

THE recent Tory flyer would appear to convey that the upcoming Ely East by-election is a two-horse race between UKIP and the Tories.

So the letter from the Lib Dems’ Sue Austin (August 22) is particularly interesting.

In the same edition there is further evidence of East Cambridgeshire District Council’s problems 32 per cent increased spending on 2012 and more than £150,000 spent on redundancy in the last three years.

All this shows the woolly, pedestrian thinking and attitudes prevalent in government and councils today.

Undoubtedly there are hard-working, competent council officers but much more frequently, throughout our governing process there are lifetime politicians or academics who have no real appreciation of the pace, pressure and performance required in the real working world .

This is where UKIP is so different - every mainstream member is a real person who has had a real job and made their way in life and business.

This experience is fundamental to what is needed in council and government now - better performance, harder working, smarter working.

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I am committed to achieving a more efficient council, delivering more effectively and reducing council tax.


Ely East by-election UKIP candidate

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