I am keen to investigate after boy, 6, suffered allergic reaction to peanut sweet given to him while trick or treating

I was very concerned to read your article last week regarding the six-year-old boy who suffered an allergic reaction to peanuts whilst out trick or treating in Ely.

It sounded like a very traumatic series of events and I do hope that he is fully recovered now.

I would seek to correct the article, however, as Cathedral Medical Centre, Ely, is actually open until 6.30pm, not 6pm as described.

I am concerned as to how the family came to understand that the medical centre was closed. We had clinics running that afternoon and the entrance to the medical centre was not locked until the end of the clinic at 6.30pm.

I ask that you pass my details on to the family as I am very keen to investigate this unfortunate matter, especially as they did try to access medical care from us at that time.

If there has been a series of events that led to us not seeing a poorly child in need of urgent medical assistance, I would like to establish how this occurred and to understand the series of events that led to what must have been a very stressful time for the whole family.

Although I appreciate this will not help this child after the event, it is very important that we prevent this issue from occurring again in the future.

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Additionally, I would ask that you clarify the opening hours of the medical centre.

Andy Botcher

Practice manager