I am holding big brew at my Ely home to celebrate fairtrade

I was delighted to read your feature on Fairtrade Fortnight (February 6).

Unfortunately readers who do not live in Littleport will not find it easy to use your coupon.

The Co-op is just one of many organisations working to make our trade fair. Thirty years ago I began, as a volunteer, to sell fairtrade goods marketed by Traidcraft, the leading fairtrade charity and trading company, and to give talks about fairtrade issues.

I returned to Ely nearly two years ago and am still selling fairtrade goods, giving talks and raising money for the charity that develops new fairtrade markets and products.

I am holding a ‘big brew’ at my home, 30a Barton Road, Ely, next Wednesday from 10am-9pm.

As well as serving fairtrade tea and coffee and cake, there will be a stall selling a range of products from Traidcraft, including its newest products, a range of cleaning liquids using fairly traded palm oil - a first for Traidcraft.

All profits from the day will go to Traidcraft Exchange.

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