I agree with Ely fire chief’s warning about parking along Forehill - seconds count

I TOTALLY agree with the Ely fire chief’s warning about parking along Forehill.

I am an ex-firefighter and this was one of the biggest fire hazards in Ely. A fire in Forehill was then a two-pump turnout straightaway as every property is adjoining to each other.

People who park there should be fined and that includes blue badge holders – they should not abuse their right to park there on double-yellow lines.

I am a blue badge holder and would not dream of parking there. Yes, we can park on double-yellow lines, but there is no need to park in Forehill. Yes, we understand that delivery vans and lorries must make deliveries, but they are only there for a few minutes – some cars are parked there for hours.

Seconds count when there’s a fire and they should not be held up by unreasonable people parking their cars on double-yellow lines.


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