‘Hunting is cruel and barbaric; it has no place in our modern, civilised society’

In reply to Mr Frank Lindsell’s letter, I argue that the ‘real world’ is far more compassionate than his opinion on the welfare and rights of animals suggests.

Despite his claims, not everyone condones the killing and culling of animals, and there is an alternative – it’s called veganism.

Eating animals is not a necessary part of our diet, and the existence of factory farms alone is not a justification for the cruelty and torture that occurs because of them. No-one can truly determine how much an animal actually suffers, and it is completely arrogant of us as human beings to assume superiority as a race because of our intelligence, and to therefore treat other species how we please, for our own pleasure. There is also a widely unconsidered, yet colossal, impact on the environment as a result of our Westernised diet that relies heavily on the meat industry.

Although it is important that individuals have the right to choose their own diet, making an act permissible because it happens elsewhere is a shameful excuse for failing to properly question the morality and necessity of a behaviour.

In my opinion, and in that of many others, the ‘sport’ of hunting is cruel and barbaric; it has no place in our modern, civilised society. How would you feel?


Ely Road

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