Hooves to wheels initiative was funded by East Cambs District Council - so we paid for those riding lessons

Community Carts Hooves to Wheels course, at Old Tiger Barn Stables, Soham. The Traveller Youth Grou

Community Carts Hooves to Wheels course, at Old Tiger Barn Stables, Soham. The Traveller Youth Group with their horses - Credit: Archant

I READ the report titled ‘Horsing Around’ in your January 31 edition.

This report explained the benefits for travellers’ children who have been able to take part in a five-month project called ‘Hooves to wheels’.

I have a number of issues with this relating to the organiser.

A name was given during the report as a Mick Oliver. I initially had hoped that this may have been a private beneficiary who wished to spend his own funds for such a scheme.

Unfortunately, the report failed to mention that Mr Oliver is in fact a community development manager for the council. This now throws some light on how this scheme is being funded... the local residents.

My husband and I have worked hard in the public service sector for many years. My nine-year-old daughter has on numerous occasions begged for horse riding lessons.

Like many of the councils, residents are finding things extremely difficult financially. Being in debt is a way of life.

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We are just able to provide family necessities and certainly not a luxury of riding lessons.

Mr Oliver states within the article: “It’s a great opportunity for the boys and gives them a chance to re-establish a traditional link with their community.”

I take issue with this statement. The regular working class family cannot afford for their children such luxury activity lessons.

If Mr Oliver feels that these children should get back to their traditions may I suggest that these ‘residential’ travellers should get back to their roots?

Instead of being a drain on local hard working, tax paying citizens maybe they should experience the joys of travel.


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