HGVs should be banned from using Ely at certain times - that’ll solve the congestion problems!

WE are all suffering from the long-standing debate concerning the southern bypass for Ely. Are we using a sledge hammer to crack a nut?

I may have missed the ‘moment’ but there is one thought that I haven’t heard - and it will be many times cheaper!

How about banning all HGVs for certain hours of the day?

This idea would require an Act of Parliament to enforce it and then a few sign boards carefully placed giving notice of a total ban on all HGVs at the stated times (unless, of course, they are genuinely making deliveries or collections in the immediate Ely area).

Any vehicle breaking the ban would be subjected to massive instant ‘spot’ fines (say £2,000 a time) and such a scheme would require, ultimately, minimum policing.

The HGVs would then be forced into using roads such as the A14 - roads built for them!

This system is already in place in certain neighbouring countries (particularly France) and it works very well. The consequence would be an immediate easing of the traffic congestion.

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The only people who would be inconvenienced would be the transport companies who have, for decades, held other road users to ransom.

Advantages: massive monetary savings, no increased environmental pollution, no blocked views of the Cathedral and (above all) free-flowing traffic.

Can someone tell me why it wouldn’t work?


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