GRIGGS OF SOHAM: We have one of East Anglia’s finest bands - and it holds TWO concerts this week

GEMMA’S gesture also proves the detractors wrong as she raises �2,600 for Macmillan Cancer Support.


AMID all the revelling and raving that seems to take over at Christmas, it is good to sit back and remember some people who won’t be with us this time.

If you would like to get away from the hustle and bustle then you couldn’t find a better place of peace than the North Chapel in Fordham Road cemetery.

If you would like to make your remembrance a bit more permanent then you could purchase a plaque to be placed on the wall of the chapel. The plaques cost �150 and the contact to purchase one is Mrs Janis Murfet, treasurer of the trustees of the North Chapel Charitable Trust, at 8 West Drive Gardens.


JAKE the spaniel likes nothing better than joining in with a rousing song. His usual vocal involves throwing his head back and howling while the fish and chip van’s chimes roll across the town.

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He is also quite taken with brass bands and is proud that one of East Anglia’s finest is based in Soham.

If you combine the band with a chance to sing along with some Christmas carols then you will be Jake’s friend for life.

He’s a lucky fellow this week, he has two chances to do just that.

On Sunday the Comrades Band will be performing at the Salvation Army Carol Service at its headquarters in Bushel Lane from 2.30pm.

Then on Wednesday the Rotary Christmas Carol Concert will take place in St Andrew’s church at 7.30pm. Tickets at �5 each are available from Soham Books and the Cambridge Building Society.

At the Rotary concert Jake can join in with choirs from the Soham schools. Jake thinks that the fish and chip van will be a bit tame come the new year.


ALL those who knew her will be deeply saddened by the death of Viv Hancock, whose funeral took place on Friday. Bubbly doesn’t begin to describe this exuberant, happy lady.

If Viv was about you knew about it and were pleased about it too. Whenever we remember her we will smile.

Our sympathies go to her family.


APPARENTLY the powers that be are not only keen to push through parking charges in Ely but have also decided that Sundays should generate revenue for the coffers.

With no buses on a Sunday it would appear that Ely may become a total no-go area for Soham people and when the charges have to go up, as they undoubtedly will, it could die altogether.

Just don’t let this “success” creep out to Soham and Littleport as is, no doubt, quite likely.


IN the dark distant past when we dutifully trekked to Soham Grammar School each morning we had no idea we were in the company of someone interested in criminal activities.

Now, after many years, it appears that one of our contemporaries would one day be in charge of wrongdoing.

Ex grammarian Brian Ashton has been put forward as the preferred deputy to Sir Graham Bright, our police commissioner, on a part-time basis.

It just goes to show, you never can tell.


ON Saturday I spent an hour at St Andrew’s School witnessing an event that fully endorses the feeling that the young people of today are nothing like their detractors would have us believe.

Gemma Driver, 15, of Staples Lane, had her head shaved in a sponsored event for Macmillan Cancer Support. Her action was inspired by the plight of her sister’s partner Jason Allen who has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour at the age of 24.

Saturday’s fair also featured local singing celebrity Lewis Mokler. The music helped take Gemma’s mind off the main event.

At 2.30pm Mandy Langley removed Gemma’s crowning glory and she was rewarded with a kiss from Jason. The event raised in excess of �500.

Gemma’s efforts have so far raised �2,600. I think she deserves some really nice ear rings for Christmas, Dad.


THIS week Jake is walking across something that may be acute, obtuse or even right and it’s not rare. He passes through a gate and find himself in a field named after an old plough puller and the type of countryside hereabouts.

Two weeks ago Jake was walking along Gardeners Lane towards the old Angel. When he entered West Drive he found West Drive Crescent to his left.