GRIGGS OF SOHAM: Stunted and leafless - this tree close to the entrance of the recreation ground

ALSO in this week’s column - a new arrival at the Fountain, our trip to Norfolk to watch the Tour of Britain, a Monster Mashop at the Cherry Tree and Grammar School reunion.


ZOE and John of the Fountain were quite excited the other day when they told me that they were expecting a new arrival.

They seem to have the whole idea well under control and don’t expect it to make too much of a difference to their lives.

It should cheer up many of the regulars, too and add a bit of variety to their lives.

Zoe wasn’t totally sure when the delivery would be made, as with a lot of these things they can be unpredictable, but was hoping that their third real ale line and pump would be installed on Friday.


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JAKE the spaniel really loves visiting the recreation ground off Fountain Lane, even though he’s not allowed on there.

Exceptions are made for the carnival and pumpkin fair, so he’s hoping to get another chance to have a look at the lovely collection of mature trees there on September 29.

Being a dog, Jake has a deep and enduring interest in trees of all shapes and sizes and he is really impressed with those on the rec ... all except one.

There is one poor old thing that stands quite close to the entrance drive that has seen better days. It is stunted, leafless and probably wouldn’t really interest a passing mongrel, let alone an almost pedigree spaniel.

Jake thinks that the kindest thing to do would be to convert it into logs.


MRS of Soham and I went to the Norfolk Showground on Sunday to see Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish do their stuff on the first stage of the Tour of Britain.

As it transpired we didn’t see anything; the numbers in the crowd made sure you couldn’t see the track and as they both fell off with a kilometre to go it was a bit of a damp squib.

The sun was nice, though, and so was the food and drink in the exhibition area.

This being Norfolk we didn’t expect things to be too rushed, but were quite surprised to see a school group doing a Maypole dance, after all it was September.

But then again, what’s four months between friends?


SUNDAY could see the final shout of summer with something called the Monster Mashup going on at the Cherry Tree from 11am-12am.

As 12am doesn’t actually exist I’m not too sure when it finishes, I’m just repeating what I’ve been given. My guess is it’s midnight as noon would mean that the whole thing only lasts an hour.

And, with at least 32 acts, including old favourites Akimbo, of course, it could be a bit rushed.

The event is free, but donations would be welcomed to “raise money for the youth of Soham”.

The flyer doesn’t make it clear exactly who is organising the event, but with organisations such as the fire brigade and the town council involved it must be OK.

With the weather due to revert to wet and windy this could be the last chance to enjoy some rock music in the open for a few months.


FIRST call for any old Soham Grammar School pupils. As the school has been closed for 40 years now, they will be old boys in more ways than one.

This year’s reunion dinner will be held in the old assembly hall on October 6 and will cost you �25 from John Dimmock on 07740 610613. The theme this year is 40 years on with various people contributing.

If you find an old grammarian wandering about, tell him about it, please.


TOMORROW night there is a fascinating evening in store at the Soham Comrades Club. It is billed as an adults’ bingo.

Now whether the adult content involves bad language or nudity I’ve not been told. Perhaps the prizes are all from the Ann Summers catalogue.

In any event it should make a change!


A COUPLE of weeks ago Jake was standing in Pratt Street where Pollard’s Garage, Mr Fretwell’s shop and Hobbs’ yard once stood. On the other side of the road was the house that doubled up as the surgery for the doctors Dixey, Copperfield House.

This week Jake is in place at the right Place and wonders if you can see how Danny Waldon is remembered.