Grateful to good Samaritan who came to my aid after I fell ill in Lavender Green

ON June 26, I found myself lying on the ground being very unwell. I was in Lavender Green off Willow Walk, Ely.

I had no knowledge as to why I had arrived there or how long I had been there and my bike was a bit bent up.

Before you assume, I was not under the influence of alcohol, it was quite early in the morning and I had not been out the previous evening.

The main point of this letter is that I was discovered by a man who not only took care of me but did everything in his power to further my rescue.

Not only that, he took my bike to Ely police station.

The ambulance and paramedic crew were professional and nothing short of amazing and apparently carved a route verging dangerously close to the river edge.

This resulted in me having a stay in Addenbrooke’s Hospital for three days whilst they sorted me out, again a truly amazing experience.

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This white van man, with tattooed forearms, spent a lot of his working day caring for me and not without expense but left no calling card. He knows who he is and maybe some others do too but I do not.

I am truly grateful to this good Samaritan, who is a great example to us all.