Good news that City of Ely Council has taken over responsibility for The Maltings

I refer to the fact that The Maltings is to be transferred back to The City Of Ely Council, for the benefit of the people of Ely. This is good news indeed.

It was given to the local people by the Brewery but the then city council had cold feet about running it and passed it on to the next level of local government for it to operate.

Thanks to the current crop of city councillors, an air of confidence and enterprise must now prevail and the mayor, Councillor Elaine Griffin-Singh, and her team are to be congratulated.

I would also applaud them for assuming responsibility for The Maltings Cottage, ADeC funding and Shopmobility.

Maybe there are other things that pertain specifically to Ely as opposed to the district in general, that this forward-looking group could also manage?


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