Future of food production should not be based on misrepresentative claims about GM crops

A recent article in a Sunday newspaper suggested that by 2017, GM crops would be growing in this country.

The article suggested that it would be a positive move on behalf of the UK.

Decisions on the future of our food and agriculture should not be based on misrepresentative claims that a scientific consensus states that GM crops are safe when there is much evidence coming to the fore suggesting that this is not so.

We were told that GM crops would be the answer to the world overpopulation crisis and that they would reduce the need for toxic pesticides.

This is not, however, the case.

Superweeds resistant to chemicals are spreading and as a result even more toxic chemicals are being used.

Studies of GM foods have shown tumours, liver/kidney damage, allergic reactions and more. A nutritional analysis of GM versus non-GM corn showed shocking differences in nutritional content.

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Apart from being much less nutritious, GM corn was also found to contain glyphosate – a substance hazardous to health.


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