Fracking is a ‘dangerous process’

It is bad news for Preston End in Lancashire.

Thousands have campaigned to make Lancashire a free fracking zone but after consultation, with over 4,000 responses, with only 36 in favour and the local authority rejecting the proposal, one man, Sajid Javid, gave the go ahead.

So much for democracy.

This comes after Teresa May keeps telling people “We are on your side”.

Fracking is a dangerous process, this has been proved in this country, when they were doing trials in 2011 and produced two minor earth tremors which caused them to stop.

Apart from scaring the local landscape it can contaminate the water supply. This is because gallons of water mixed with toxic chemicals, are pumped a very high pressure in order to smash the rocks and release the shale gas.

They know this can be a problem but say if the wells are sealed it will be OK.

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How can they be sure? And because of the dangers that may be caused, local properties will see their value going down.

I have just seen on the web they are 30 per cent and falling.

That is why the Government are considering giving local people money compensation, but that is not certain, maybe just to get them on side. But the big issue here is. The UK gave a pledge at the big Climate Change meeting in Paris in December that they will make a realistic plan at the end of this year to reduce our emissions.

But going for fracking is going in the very opposite direction of what our Government has pledged to do.

Shale Gas is fossil fuel!

Our Government has cut back on at least nine green projects.

They should really be harnessing the God-given energy that is already available.

Solar, wind and tidal power. The sun always shines, the wind blows and the sea roars.

Latch onto that and the energy is ours.

A sad day when one man can overturn the will of the people. Some people might say well they are fracking in America that seems to be Ok. But there have been some cases of contaminated water, one of the most high profile was in Dimock, Pennsylvania, where residents were paid out four million dollars.


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