Forget about plans for Soham railway station

Shippea Hill signal box

Shippea Hill signal box - Credit: Archant

I REFER to the letter of Rosemary Aitchison printed in the March 7 issue in which she writes about travelling by train to Ely or Newmarket.

Ely would be all right, but direct to Newmarket is out of the question. Perhaps Rosemary is not very familiar with the geography of the area between Soham and Newmarket? A new junction would have to be constructed at Snailwell, and a rail route to join the Cambridge to Bury St Edmunds line would also have to be made. The cost would be enormous.

I was employed as a relief signalman by British Rail, Soham being one of the stations I frequently relieved at. Days and days passed by, perhaps one person would appear for the trains, some days none, so why would anyone now use the trains if Soham station were to be rebuilt?

I think they would not, and so do the people involved in this project. Forget about it Rosemary. I will apologise if this station ever comes to fruition.