Five million people who voted UKIP and Green are represented by just two MPs – it’s proof the system isn’t fair

Regardless of political preference, how fair is a system where four million people vote for UKIP and one million for the Green Party only to be represented by two MPs?

More specifically, how can ‘we’ as an electorate truly vote for membership of Europe on limited information and propaganda?

‘We’, the voting public, need to be better informed. We are consistently let down by politicians criticising each other, our media’s often biased and uniformed in their presentation of the issues, and at local level letters of ‘one-upmanship’ that achieve nothing except possible retaliation are the norm.

Criticism, especially personal criticism, does not move us into a position where we can make more educated decisions on issues that are important to us.

We need to engage in more reasoned debate that move us forward in our thinking.


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