Ely slipway railings will resolve the problems with mess and vermin on the Waterside

How the enclosed slipway at Ely could look

How the enclosed slipway at Ely could look - Credit: Archant

WE have read the letters in your paper over the past few weeks criticising the plans for a gate and railings on the slipway area of the riverside.

May we remind all who have written, suggesting that the cost of removing the mess left by the ducks and geese is minimal, that it will be ongoing and a continual cost to the council tax payers.

As for wearing the right footwear when visiting the riverside, are we going to advise tourists/visitors that they had better bring their Wellington boots with them when coming to visit Ely?

All seem to have forgotten that, apart from the mess, the remains of food is attracting vermin.

We are sure that Mr Peacock, who owns the tea rooms, would be most upset if his patrons were to see rats feeding close to where they are taking their tea or even worse have an infestation within his premises.

Considerable thought was put into the siting of the railings to prevent the ducks and geese having easy access to the walking areas of the riverside.

Over the past year we have visited various riverside tourist areas and nowhere did we have to walk through areas of duck excrement as found in Ely. People were still enjoying feeding the ducks simply by throwing the food on to the water.

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Please remember the two main points trying to be resolved are the mess and the vermin.


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