Ely’s buskers need to expand their repertoire - they would be a bit more entertaining

IN response to Jeremy Friend-Smith’s letter of August 16, it’s not so much the accordion music which is causing the problem - it’s the lack of the selection of music.

Take, for example, the Romanian gentleman who parks himself in the Cloisters Arch - he has been dubbed locally as “Mr ‘I only know one tune’” - a bit of an underestimation, he knows several.

The problem is that he plays the same stuff, day in, day out, for hours at a time and frankly after a while, it becomes downright annoying.

I have stood round the corner helping at one of the kiosks, sometimes for two to three hours a day, and after an hour or so of the same stuff going round and round, you can’t think straight.

I can understand how some of the shopkeepers down there feel, especially Card Factory, Dorothy Perkins, the Sue Ryder Shop and those poor kiosk owners.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the buskers as a whole expanded their repertoire a little. It would make it much less monotonous and a bit more entertaining.


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