Ely needs the cinema - the city must progress. Don’t worry, English Heritage, nobody wants to pinch the cathedral

English Heritage moans about everything that takes their fancy – and this time it’s the cinema.

It has a real bee in its bonnet about Ely Cathedral, saying this and that will spoil the view of it.

I can go back to 1950, when I became a resident of Ely. At the time, we had three cinemas open seven days a week – but the high earache of the cathedral tried to stop them from opening on Sundays as they felt people should go to church or the cathedral instead.

We just had a war and Ely was full of ex-service men and women who just wanted to get on with life and progress for the future.

Great changes came to Ely over the years – buildings pulled down, new ones guilt, new larger shops and the one-way system as the population grew.

The population is still growing – so, English Heritage, the cinema is a must as are all the other modern outlets that are planned.

Ely Cathedral will still be there – nobody wants to pinch it.

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