Ely continues to lose out while southern bypass plan is subjected to ‘holding decision’ by Eric Pickles

Route of proposed bypass.

Route of proposed bypass. - Credit: Archant

Once again I feel compelled to contact you regarding Ely southern bypass.

The majority of readers, and I, are sure our local hauliers and the public are in favour of this much-needed development.

The proposed routing of this bypass is sufficiently far enough away from the cathedral that the argument that views of it will be adversely effected are, quite frankly, absurd.

The continual closure of the level crossing (the underpass having a clearance of 9ft) results in long delays for the public and the many heavy goods vehicles using this road and I am sure that it will not be long before there are serious consequences resulting from the delay of an emergency vehicle.

With the proposed expansion of the rail network through Ely the closure of the level crossing will no doubt result in even more delays and traffic build-up.

I am sure you will agree that the time has come for a positive outcome to this long-running debate and I trust that local government minister Eric Pickles will decide that the argument for new bypass is compelling.


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Cyprian Rust Way


Via e-mail

So the southern bypass received Cambridgeshire County Council’s approval but now Eric Pickles is to consider the whole thing in the light of lobbying by English Heritage and others.

This is exactly as I forecast in a recent letter to you and we will be left to discover who has the greater lobbying powers, English Heritage or the people who live here.

Then there’s the question of a general election in May. Wouldn’t a smart Mr Pickles delay his decision until after then just to keep all parties sweet?

You can bet your sweet life he would, since then, someone else might have to make the decision leaving him and the Tories sqeaky clean.

The whole matter is now a farce with the people of Ely continuing to lose out. It is reminiscent of a prisoner awaiting his fate on death row.

What a shambles.


Windmill Close


Via e-mail