'Amazing clients' keep alive fitness dream

Elyte Fitness in Ely during Covid

Elyte Fitness have had to adapt their business since the Covid-19 pandemic began or face permanent closure. - Credit: Elyte Fitness

An Ely business that switched to new premises just three weeks before the first lockdown has described how they had to “adapt to survive”. 

March 2021 should have been a month of celebrating their first anniversary of moving to Lancaster Way Business Park near Ely.  

Instead Elyte Fitness has celebrated a little differently. 

“It's been online with our amazing clients,” says Dawn Lamb.  

Elyte Fitness in Ely during a gym session

Elyte Fitness moved to Lancaster Way Business Park near Ely last year, but closed after three weeks due to the first national lockdown. - Credit: Elyte Fitness


In March 2020, Elyte Fitness moved from Broad Street, Ely to Lancaster Way. 

Dawn says: “We had an amazing studio in Ely. 

“However due to the cost of running the business and the inability to grow, we found ourselves in a position where we had to find an alternative location.” 

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She said: “We were excited to have the opportunity move to Lancaster Way.  

“We opened the doors to our amazing group training facility on March 1, 2020.” 

The centre had “three fantastic weeks being open and then we were forced to close, due to the first lockdown”.  

Elyte Fitness in Ely during Covid

Elyte Fitness have operated as an open gym to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines when allowed to open. - Credit: Elyte Fitness

Elyte Fitness adapting to Covid-19

An outdoor boot camp is just one of the services Elyte Fitness has offered during the pandemic. - Credit: Elyte Fitness

Dawn said: “We realised, very quickly, that without some kind of service to offer our members throughout the lockdown, the business would sink without trace.   

“We switched our group training to online, real time, Zoom-based classes and managed to keep a core membership, who are the reason we are still here.” 

Over the last year, Elyte Fitness says they have had to completely remodel the business.  

“With the losses we encountered and with restrictions on social distancing, we found we could no longer operate as a group training facility,” said Dawn. 

“We had two choices; completely close the business, or to re-design the business.  

“So, we decided to open as an open gym and to move group training outdoors, to a boot camp style.”  

In the last year they have only had the doors open for four months.  

Elyte Fitness on remodelling business

Elyte Fitness found they could no longer operate as a group training facility over the last year due to Covid-19. - Credit: Elyte Fitness

Elyte Fitness on struggles during Covid

Elyte Fitness has only been open for four of the last 12 months due to the pandemic. - Credit: Elyte Fitness

“We have been hit with many obstacles and, like many business owners, we have lost many nights of sleep with the worry of the unknown,” said Dawn. 

“We are an independent, family-run business with a team ready to help Ely and the surrounding area stay fit and well.” 

She says they have been sustained by “enormous support from our members, who have enabled us to survive”.  

Elyte Fitness group training

Elyte Fitness have since switched to online group training due to the Covid-19 pandemic. - Credit: Elyte Fitness

Elyte Fitness on reopening after lockdown

It is hoped Elyte Fitness can see more of their core members in person in the coming weeks. - Credit: Elyte Fitness

She added: “We are truly humbled by the good will and generosity of our core members and hope to see them all, in the flesh, in the next few weeks.”